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A fully-integrated and independent approach for wealthy families.

Established in 2001, Richter Family Office has gained an exceptional reputation for providing fully-independent and objective wealth advisory services to Canadian families with investable assets of $25 million or more.

Evolving from Richter’s long history of providing sophisticated tax and estate planning to generations of Canadian families, Richter Family Office is uniquely positioned to provide a truly holistic approach to multi-generational wealth planning for families who are looking to address their needs today and their financial legacy for generations to come.

The complexity of business, investment and tax laws means that financial advice requires an integration of expertise in wealth management, accounting, taxation, and legal matters. Our unique approach to this challenge is to build and coordinate a multidisciplinary team offered by Richter and Richter Family Office. Our team includes chartered professional accountants, investment professionals, lawyers, notaries, and estate administrators.

Independent and Objective

While we have extensive experience dealing with leading financial institutions, we are not affiliated with any of them.

Our business model is not predicated on managing assets internally or through two-way relationships with investment managers. Instead we are compensated only by the families with whom we work. This ensures full alignment with the needs and objectives of our clients, provides us with the capacity to source best-in-class managers across the globe, and allows us to offer tailor-made solutions to address the situations of each unique family. It also means that families incoming to RFO are not required to liquidate existing investments. Instead, our approach seeks to incorporate existing relationships and to build consolidated solutions around them.

Sound Due Diligence

Since our inception, we have gained a reputation for sound and thorough due diligence within the global investment community.

Given our open-architecture model, we are constantly seeking new and interesting investment opportunities to complement our families’ existing investments. But to qualify, each opportunity is extensively vetted by our investment committee and analyst teams so that we can fully understand both the nature of the investment, and the quality of the investment manager.

However, numbers and performance only tell part of the story. Proper due diligence requires multiple face-to-face and on-site meetings so we can truly understand if a strategy is suitable for our clients. Our multi-dimensional approach is more goals-based, as opposed to seeking simple diversification; having a sound understanding of the strategies that we employ is critical to helping clients meet a variety of different investment goals. 


Often advisors work in silos, which leaves families with the responsibility of ensuring that information is communicated to all relevant parties, and that plans are implemented in a timely manner. At Richter Family Office, we act as quarterbacks to ensure integrated advice and efficient execution.

At Richter Family Office, families work with a team whose responsibilities are to ensure timely communication and collaboration across the range of internal and external advisors. This helps ensure that all elements of wealth and estate planning are working in concert, not in parallel. 

Family Support

Engagement is not limited just to the professionals employed by our families; it is also within the families themselves. Successful multi-generational wealth transfer is not simply about the efficient transition of wealth, but also the transition of legacy.

For many, wealth can be an emotional burden fraught with conflict and entitlement. At Richter Family Office, we strive not only to provide best in class technical capabilities, but to also provide the right family support and counsel to our clients so they can make the most out of their financial success.   

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