Committed to your success; improving your bottom line.

Richter Retail Consulting has emerged as a premier professional services provider to the retail industry. Our clientele, which sells soft and hard goods, is located in regional malls and power centres. We also serve major chartered banks, private equity firms, venture capital groups and asset-based lenders in Canada and the United States.

We have extensive experience in a wide range of mandates:

  • Financial & operational consulting — review of organizational
          structure, financial and operational controls and performance,
          as well as utilization of technology
  • Information system review — evaluation of IT department
          structure and strategies; analysis and optimization of
          business processes
  • Inventory control & management — review of systems and
          controls, assessment of inventory levels, analysis of buying
          plans and the role of open-to-buy controller; working with
          senior merchants and financial controllers
  • Corporate reorganization & restructuring — business viability
          assessment, turnaround management, insolvency consulting
          and crisis management
  • Strategic planning — development of short-, medium- and
          long-term business plans in collaboration with senior and middle
  • Financing — facilitate the procurement of current and long-term
          financing; assistance in the preparation and analysis of
          operating forecasts, cash flow projections and underlying
  • Corporate Finance — assistance in mergers and acquisitions,
          leveraging our extensive network of strategic and financial
          players in the industry
  • Human Resources — review of organizational structure, head office
          and store-level compensation and employee job descriptions

Our professionals use a financial and operational tool which allows retailers to analyze operating results on a store-by-store basis. We provide retailers with a cross-sectional view of their results, using different parameters of inventory productivity and bottom-line results. This provides key information that helps retailers derive a better understanding of the success factors driving their business, as well as the challenges they confront. By highlighting differences from one store to the next, retailers are able to understand what works best in their highly profitable stores and apply this knowledge chain-wide.

In addition, we benchmark all significant components of the operating statement. We publish a weekly comparative store sales survey of Canadian retailers, a compilation of confidential data issued in newsletter format designed to help a retailer gauge his performance on a regular basis.

As a testament to the confidence expressed in Richter Retail Consulting, we have acted as principal advisors in many of the major Canadian retail restructurings in the past 20 years.

Running a successful retail business is a constant challenge given the dynamic market place. Our professionals will help your business reach and surpass its potential.

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