Geneviève Desbiens-Blais

Although university teaches the basics of accountancy, a summer internship provides a good and concrete overview of the accounting profession. In my case, this experience helped me confirm my career choice as well as where I would like to work in the long term. As a matter of fact, I was charmed by the very friendly office environment right from the start: we were welcomed not strictly as summer interns but as full members of the Richter family. We became a really close team right from the first week of training. Richter also offers an excellent training environment, which is beneficial for any accountant-to-be: rotations in each division allow us to experiment the various practices of accountancy, mandates help us apply our knowledge and the openness and availability of our managers allow us to expand it. Finally, I had a great summer with amazing trainers. After these twelve weeks which passed by at full speed, I look forward to coming back to the firm with a big smile on my face!