Overcoming the Border Barrier: Working in the U.S.

March 02, 2016

Working in the U.S.

Is your business ready to expand to the U.S.? Or, perhaps you have already made that move?

While the market south of the border is lucrative and may seem similar to Canada, the complexities of doing in business in the U.S. must be considered.

Join us for our second roundtable event in the series, hosted by Richter LLP with a guest speaker from Cumming & Partners, a boutique firm specializing in cross-border law. Our discussion will focus on the tax requirements and implications of working in the U.S., as well as an overview of immigration law vs. tax law.

The discussion will bring out best practices and lessons learned from professional advisors and other businesses who have experienced the specific challenges of international expansion.    
Overcoming the Border Barrier: a four-part series

Working in the U.S. is the second of four events in Richter's "Overcoming the Border Barrier" series.
Designed specifically for business owners and executives, this exclusive series provides insights into managing an international business, building solid infrastructure to sustain growth, operational considerations, and important tax and compliance requirements.

From priming your business for expansion through to evaluating your business model, this series offers valuable information to ensure your cross-border expansion plan is successful. We look forward to hosting you for each event. Stay tuned for upcoming session dates.


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Date and time:

Wednesday, 2 March 2016 from 7:45 AM to 9:30 AM (EST)

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