Richter survey of bank forecasts: Foreign exchange and interest rates

The USD/CAD currency pair traded within a modest range throughout the month of August, opening the month at slightly above 0.76 USD/CAD and closing the month at just under this mark. The bank forecasts reveal that a consensus exists that the CAD shall modestly depreciate relative to the USD for the remainder of 2015.

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The valuation of your construction company

As a company-owner and entrepreneur there is a certain amount of pride you should place in having built a thriving business. However, can that pride translate into a specific dollar amount? Not necessarily. How, then, do you objectively place a value on your construction business and price it right when it comes time to sell?

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In our Partner spotlight, we showcase one of the amazing individuals that helps lead our Richter team. In this instalment, meet Jordan Gould.

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Giving back to the community has always been a central focus at Richter – it’s not just in our mandate, it’s who we are. Watch our latest video on the history and impact of Richter’s social responsibility and see what our team was up to at our most recent Richter Community Day.

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Commodity Tax

In the globalization of business, increased taxation through value added taxes (VAT: in Canada, GST/HST/QST) represents the largest tax program of the last 50 years. The VAT was introduced in over 150 countries and now represents 20% of the tax revenues collected worldwide. Since each and every transaction matters, the members of our specialized team help you manage indirect taxes so that you can concentrate on operating your business.

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