BIXI: From International Distinction to Bankruptcy

What happened to this once promising enterprise?

While the quality of the service provided by BIXI made it one of the best in the world, the management of the business was not so smooth. Pierre-Olivier Strini, an expert on this case, has profiled this decidedly unconventional company in his article, “BIXI: From International Distinction to Bankruptcy.” Will BIXI remain a part of the Montréal landscape?

A Mother-Daughter Success Story

Groupe Germain Hospitalité

With “Female Entrepreneurship” as its theme, Richter’s most recent Women in Leadership event featured exclusive interviews with Christiane Germain, co-founder and co-president of Groupe Germain Hospitalité, and her daughter Marie Pier, director of operations at Alt Hotel Montréal. These two entrepreneurs are now at the helm of a booming hotel business. Learn more about this incredible team and their unique journey into the world of business.

Employee Fraud?

Practical approach and solutions

You’ve just learned that your business has fallen victim to fraud? What should you do? The first 48 hours are crucial. Guy St-Georges and Laurence Fournier-Dumas, our specialists in the field, have co-written an article for the latest edition of Richter’s Let’s Talk Numbers newsletter, exploring some of the pitfalls to avoid and measures to take in the event of an employee fraud.

Fairness opinion or business valuation?

What’s the difference between a fairness opinion and a formal valuation? In their article, Richter Advisory Group’s Yoram Beck and Vimal Kotecha, our specialists in the field, give a detailed explanation of the pros and cons, and the needs that are met by each option.

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Results of Weekly Store Sales Survey


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